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The Conversation

September 2020

Karan and colleagues explain how diverse researchers improve science by bringing diverse perspectives

World Economic Forum

November 2020

Scientists thought only male birds sang – until women joined the research


September 2020

A rise in studies on female bird behavior shows how gender equity can spark change in research

Feature article in Living Bird

June 2019

The Forgotten Female: How A Generation Of Women Scientists Changed Our View Of Evolution

Scientific American 60-second Science

June 2018

60-second lesson in female bird song

Living Lab Radio

May 2018

Find out how to take part in the Female Bird Song Project on Living Lab Radio

NPR Science Friday

April 2018

NPR Science Friday takes a "A Look At Unconventional Bird Calls", including female bird songs

Washington Post

March 2018

Female birds sing. These biologists want you to listen.

Discover Magazine

January 2018

Female Songbirds: The Latest Underrepresented Voices in Science

Audubon Magazine

August 2017

Female Birdsong Is Finally Getting the Attention It Deserves.
A new community-sourced project is tackling the gender and geographical skew in avian song research.

Birding Magazine article by Karan Odom and Lauryn Benedict

March 2017

Listening to Nature’s Divas: Research reveals that female songbirds commonly sing.
Find out how you can help make their voices heard.

The London Times

March 2014

Was Darwin wrong about the birds and the bees?

Der Spiegel

March 2014

An analysis shows that it is not only male songbirds that sing...

BBC World Service Newshour

March 2015

BBC Newshour covers discovery that female bird song widespread and ancestral

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